Month: August 2017

When the Battle Rages

On May 22nd, I decided to start eating better. Forever this time. I didn’t start a diet, I just changed how I looked at food. I’ve started “diets” so many times, but temporary changes only lead to temporary results. Slowly but surely, I’ve seen results from changing my lifestyle. This time I just started eating for […]

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Faith, Fellowship, and Following Jesus

Last week I shared that I was going to change my blog’s focus, remove the “fluff,” and shift away from self-love to focusing on God. I truly want to be a woman after God’s heart and I pray that you want to be one also. The whole self-love thing has taken over the community of […]

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No More Fluff

I have been convicted. I recently read a blog by Jen Wilkin which further pricked at my conscience. I started this blog last year with good intentions. I wanted to unite Christian women and encourage them. But I found myself using “fluff” to try and get more page views and more readers so I could […]

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