This is a list of books and products that I recommend for growing your relationship with Christ, strengthening your marriage, and encouraging you in your day to day living.

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Made to Crave

I highly recommend Made to Crave if you have ever struggled with food. It is a powerful message about focusing on the journey with Christ to break the chains. I led a live video study of this book in our private Facebook group. Members can find the videos by going to the Made to Crave Bible Study document within the group. It has all the links to the videos in the document. If you aren’t a member yet, please request to join! We would love to have you!



5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn't Quit


Have you ever just wanted to give up? The temptation to quit is strong sometimes. This book will help you fight that temptation and help you keep on keeping on. If you need that extra boost to keep from quitting, read 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit.




Grace in the FlamesGrace in the Flames is an amazing fictional story that will deepen your faith as you follow the characters through very tough situations. You may ask yourself if you would be able to go through the trials and the test of faith that they face. I know that God called me to completely give over certain areas of my life to Him after reading this book that I didn’t think I could before. It opens up your heart to trusting in the Lord no matter what and choosing to love Him even if…



Love & Respect (1)Love & Respect is a great book for married couples that will help you understand each other. As a woman, I need to feel loved and as a man, my husband needs to feel respected. Of course I need respect also and my husband needs love, but our primary needs are different. This book helps us understand each other and how to respond when things are difficult.



Here are some great family-friendly movies I recommend that really dive into faith, prayer, marriage, and family! Click the images to view more information.