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As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been absent for awhile. I think I jumped in too quickly to this blogging thing and made commitments that I couldn’t keep due to everything else going on in life. So I took a break from blogging for awhile to refresh and focus on my other priorities. Now I have an idea that I feel like God placed on my heart for the new year. I want to get to know others’ stories and share their testimonies. I’ve realized lately that the biggest and most positive changes that have come in my life or the times I had the most hope when going through a difficult situation was because of someone else’s testimony of how they came through it. I found I could relate to them and found hope in knowing that God could bring me through it like He brought them through it.

I long to build a community here that will not just be another blog where you can read something and move on. I want this to be a place where you can find hope and relationship with others. Relationship is so important. I believe that in today’s world with all the communication technology we have, we are actually missing out on truly getting to know each other on a personal level. We tend to read about other people’s lives but we aren’t really connecting or sharing with each other.

I started this blog to be a place where we could have conversation as if having coffee with a friend and build relationships. I want that to continue and I want to dig deeper as a community and connect through our stories. We also have the Facebook group where we can connect personally and share with each other. My hope is that you would build relationships and gain new friends through this.

Sharing our personal stories could make us vulnerable, but we can’t truly love or build relationships unless we are vulnerable. It’s hard to trust people these days. It’s hard to build relationships that last. But with our foundation in Christ, as sisters in Christ, we can share our stories with confidence and have faith that God will use them to help someone else in their journey. We can share a message of hope.

So I’m looking for people who would like to share their story in this upcoming year. Everyone has a story and every Christian has a testimony, no matter what they have been through. You could share how God brought you through a difficult circumstance or how He brought you to repentance after making bad choices. It could also be something He is sustaining you through currently or anything else you would like to share. No matter your story or your background, I’d like to share how God has worked in your life so that others may receive the hope and inspiration they so desperately need.

If you are interested in sharing your story, even if anonymously, please contact me here.

I look forward to getting to know your stories and sharing them so that others may find hope and inspiration in their own journey in life!

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